Scope of services

PROSPECTOR’s principal business consists in providing a routine of insurance-related services to companies and institutions on a comprehensive, overall basis.

Among standard activities we perform for our Clients are:

  • identification of risks,
  • construction of an insurance programme,
  • obtaining insurance tenders and their analysis,
  • recommendation of most advantageous tenders,
  • ensuring conclusion of appropriate insurance contracts,
  • execution and service of concluded insurance contracts.

Having arranged and implemented an insurance programme, PROSPECTOR assumes responsibility for the supervision of claims and other tasks required within current policy management. These tasks include:

  • registration and monitoring of claims,
  • assistance in the execution of indemnities, including appeals and protests,
  • observance of property growth submissions and periodical premium payments,
  • adjustments to insurance cover,
  • assignment of policy rights.

As a self-standing specialty, PROSPECTOR offers advisory services in the realm of corporate finance aimed at supporting financial risk management. The specific insurance programmes we propose in this respect are particularly useful for the purpose of:

  • reducing financial losses which might result from a business interruption due to insurable perils,
  • better securing credits advanced to business partners,
  • diversifying financial instruments which secure the Client’s obligations,
  • safeguarding the company’s undisturbed operations in case large unexpected claims are raised against it.

Another field of our activity deals with developing concepts of how insurance products can be used by corporate Clients for the purpose of their expansion and promotion. Our dedicated programmes tailored to specific needs create additional incentives for consumers to buy goods or services accompanied with an insurance element or to remain loyal to the brand of the supplier.

A separate team within PROSPECTOR specializes in programmes addressed to employees and managerial teams of enterprises in respect of their group life insurance and pension schemes. We also arrange private health care programmes.

Among Clients who have entrusted their insurances to us are:

  • industrial plants,
  • medium-sized companies of various profiles,
  • foreign businesses operating in Poland,
  • state institutions.

How we do it

PROSPECTOR is a consultancy specialising in the field of corporate insurances. Along with this, the company is licensed to act as a broker under the provisions of the insurance law. Hence, we are combining the potential of consultant’s expertise with a broker’s power to act on behalf of the Client. This is a natural incentive to make the solutions we propose multi-functional and effective.

The insurance programmes we turn into practice enable our Clients to:

  • protect their assets and to-date achievements,
  • reduce business risk,
  • enhance the use of external finance by means of insurance,
  • employ insurance-related solutions to improve the competitiveness of products or services,
  • increase consumers loyalty to the brand of goods on offer or to the supplier’s company.

In PROSPECTOR’s brokerage activity we adhere to the same requirement for professional knowledge and reliability, which is imperative in consulting. This has significantly added to the major features of our services, which comprise:

  • comprehensive approach to the needs,
  • versatility of solutions,
  • sensitivity to the reasonable price of proper insurance cover,
  • customisation to the specificity of Clients and their environment,
  • relief to the Client’s personnel, permitting greater concentration of on their core business,
  • instant availability, especially in claim handling.

The Polish insurance market is quite dynamic. Many insurance companies rapidly change their position, some withdraw, while new offices show up on the scene. Hence, the solutions we offer are always preceded by an analysis of the financial strength of the insurers whose services might be taken into consideration.

Our knowledge of the finance and our understanding of the market protects our Clients against the risk of buying insurance from companies whose credibility can be questioned.

PROSPECTOR has developed and continues to improve an infrastructure aided by modern technologies providing for smooth Client service. Our largest insurance programmes are supported by an exclusive Internet service, designed specifically to meet their needs.